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Ali is a passionate, compassionate man with eyes that search for the overlooked. He is quick to speak encouragement into those who he sees sharing his burden, and a matchmaker for the the overlooked to the lovers of people. A resettled refugee himself, Ali had been in Syracuse for just a short period of time [...]

Christmas Dinner at Delmonicos

I sat in Delmonico’s Italian Steakhouse watching the clock tick with a fully set room awaiting the arrival of our family members. Tables were set with water glasses, silverware and small plates, and the wait staff briefed on what to expect. For many of our guests, this would be their first time in such a [...]

Snapshots of Congo

Grief. It’s a messy thing. It chases you down irregardless of your greatest guards against it, slapping your face like a cold wind on a subzero day. He was born in 1982. So was I. He called his friend right before the clock struck midnight and his head hit the pillow. She is my sister. [...]

Burmese boys

The three of us squeezed onto the small couch as the final stragglers from the evening programming made their way out the door. Somehow the two of them had broken away from the rest of their siblings and neighborhood kids to get a little alone time in the Hopeprint Home, a coveted treasure. Making teeth [...]

Climbing Apple Trees

The hour drew close and the ladies gathered at our home, some children in tow as well as a few brothers. We loaded onto the bus this chilly Sunday afternoon, ready to embark on a special outing: apple picking. For most of us who live in Central New York, the tradition of apple picking is [...]


It’s been one month since the students from Cornell came to Hopeprint to work with a select group of our Congolese women. Coming into the day, we had selected them because they were among the most discouraged, disheartened and visibly struggling women we were working with. Of course, looking at the history of the conflict [...]

Congolese Woman Pounds Cassava Leaves

I Met Africa by Lee Kim Kim served as a guest coach for a Cornell University graduate course during a Hopeprint site visit I met Africa for the first time. We went to a play house in the back yard. It had little tiny tables and little tiny chairs And a big box filled with [...]

Me and Congolese Women

  For most of our time on Lilac Street, I have had friends among the Congolese, Burundian and Rwandan women. For years, their sense of burden and need has felt a bit like an unshakable one between the trauma, demands, language barriers and other factors that kept many of them home, struggling with depression and [...]


She smiles as she looks our direction, “TIA. This is Africa.” It’s the common response to the idiosyncrasies that come with a continent inthe throws of development while maintaining certain strong cultural norms surrounding time, means and more. Most typically, TIA is thrown around with sarcasm and laughter when the old water pipes burst or [...]

One of the most fascinating things when traveling internationally is noting how different countries deal with the same things. Whether it’s going grocery shopping, driving the streets, eating food, interacting with people or other daily activities, each nation has their unique twists and headlines. Between all our travel we interacted with Holland, Ethiopia, Kenya, South [...]