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At Hopeprint, we believe that building genuine and mutual friendships is the key to everything. Each of our initiatives and programs seek to create a venue where such relationships and capacity can be built and are focused around the following:

Giving & Receiving Hospitality


Syracuse’s Northside and its resettled refugee population primarily live out their daily lives in a specific part of the community, typically needing to be able to walk to their destination. In an effort to become a genuine part of the fiber of the community and be present on a more daily basis, the Hopeprint Homes house a number of individuals (Americans and refugees) who are actively seeking to participate in and empower the community and individuals in it.

Leadership Development


This summer, Hopeprint will be launching it’s first leadership development cohort. By working together with existing community leaders from area organizations and ethnic communities, those who are recognized as current influencers and possible leaders will be recommended to join this cohort for further training.

Recommended influencers will have the opportunity to participate in a week long “boot camp,” being equipped with skills and a personal road map of development as a leader. Those showing the greatest potential and interest for growth will be invited into the leadership development cohort which will provide further training and development with the help of personalized coaching, trainings and hands-on learning. Opportunities for mini-grants for community development and internships will also be available based upon competency and ownership of the learning process.


Hopeprint would not exist without our amazing team of volunteers! As we seek to empower our team to engage in genuine and mutual friendships cross-culturally, we know that the learning has to go both ways. Members of the Hopeprint team have the opportunity to participate in practical trainings regularly covering topics such as neighborhood resources, asset-based community development, ethnic heritage and cultures of new neighbors and more.

Youth Mentorship


Nicole in Somali RegionIt is often said by those who have poured their lives into the development of communities that the true key to transformation lies in the youth of the neighborhood. As we have witnessed this potential at Hopeprint, we have begun to invest more purposefully and strategically in the lives of our children.

Much of our investment and interaction happens through our presence in the neighborhood and the availability of mentors in the lives of our youth, as well as through our programming. Hopeprint Kids & Youth programming is focused on cultivating healthy cross-cultural relationships between American-born and the wide variety of cultures and languages that makeup our community, as well as character development and improved literacy.

This summer, we will have at least two interns and a team of volunteers fully focused on taking a season of boredom typically and transforming it into a time of meaningful growth in character and unity. This will take place through a number of venues and more information will be available soon.

Networking to Existing Community Resources


One of our board members said recently, “Life Coaches are one of the best thing Hopeprint has going!” We affirm his enthusiasm for the impact that life-on-life mentorship which develops into authentic friendships has on individuals, families and our community. Life Coaches come alongside an individual and/or family with a two-fold role – (1) empower them to realize their personal potential by connecting them to existing resources and (2) to form an authentic, mutual friendship with one another. These matches are many times the kind “made in heaven,” enriching the lives of all involved.


Coming soon, Hopeprint is excited to launch a new initiative to better empower us to stay connected with existing community resources and the community at large. Hopeprint is actively recruiting Community Ambassadors who will take on the task of bringing pertinent information and potential resources for the Hopeprint Family to our team’s attention, as well as bring back the same to their home community. Ambassadors will be from various parts of the neighborhood, area organizations, local churches, universities and other key areas of Greater Syracuse.


With several of Hopeprint’s key team members actively involved in the public health realm, the Hopeprint Family has a special place in its heart for public health oriented issues. We seek to build bridges of understanding and relationships between members of our community and health providers through facilitated conversations and more. Our current focus area is around maternal health with members from organizations such as Crouse Hospital, Upstate Medical University, Syracuse University, doulas, young moms from surrounding communities and, of course, the community members themselves.

Questions? Contact us at ourhopeprint@gmail.com.

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