Hopeprint Homes

Home is the place where we return to and go out from. It is the hub of our lives and ought be the place we feel safe. For thousands of our refugee friends in Syracuse, home is a distant memory, and the tentative nature of their rental apartments make home an even more distant concept.

The Hopeprint Homes are to be places that many can call home, literally being the place where a number of our Hopeprint team members reside as well as a home of hospitality for the surrounding neighborhood. It is a place to share meals, drink tea, share life – enjoying and wrestling with the things that make up the everyday of our lives.

After Tuesday before Eve with HPHopeprint currently has two homes located on Lilac Street with 10-12 members of our team residing there to actively participate in our organizational mission. These homes are the cornerstone to our work, space of our gatherings, and constant reminders of our identity.

Interested in living in a Hopeprint Home? Hopeprint Homes are intentional communities of our team members, available only to those the Hopeprint Team invites as well as are willing to participate in the community covenant to reside there. The best way to be considered is to join the team!

Tutoring with TeachingInterested in starting or becoming a Hopeprint Home? Over the next few years, Hopeprint will be looking for kindred minded families and communities to begin Hopeprint Homes in other refugee resettlement cities. If you are interested in starting this conversation for your city, please contact Nicole Watts, Hopeprint Executive Director at nicole.watts220@gmail.com.