The Hopeprint Team


Board of Directors


Nicole Watts, Founder/Executive Director

Nicole was first introduced to Syracuse’s Northside several years ago during city’s highest influx of resettled refugees into the city on the records. The families that she met and began to form friendships with became a daily beckoning to make their home her home as well. In the fall of 2010, Nicole and four others moved from the suburbs into the first Hopeprint Home on Lilac Street in the heart of the Northside. There is nothing that brings her greater joy than seeing members of the Hopeprint family forming genuine and mutual friendships, shedding their professional titles or past baggage to meet as friends.(FB & Twitter: @nicole.watts220)


Sean Haley, VP of Community Life/Vice-Chair


With a mother who worked for Interfaith Works during Sean’s childhood, Sean has been aware of the refugee presence in Syracuse for years. However, it wasn’t until his senior year of college that he felt a call to personally participate in this community. This call has been integrated with his academic pursuits to obtain his Doctorate of Medicine and Masters in Public Health in a dual program between Syracuse University and SUNY Upstate Medical University. Sean has been actively involved in the medical clinic which does many of the initial physicals upon a refugee’s arrival in Syracuse, and has been an active member of the Hopeprint team with a special focus on Public Health. (Sean on Facebook:




Bart Pipes, Secretary of the Board

Bart was sitting in church one day when his pastor began to tell a story about some of the resettled refugees in Syracuse and some of his friends that were moving into the community. As the pastor began to challenge those listening, he said, “Maybe you are comfortable in the suburbs and are being called to step out of your comfort zone and be another family to move into the city.” A recent retiree as a businessman, Bart was not one most would expect to take on such a challenge. Yet in the days that followed, that is exactly what he told his grown children that he intended to do. With boldness, Bart entered into a world he’d never experienced, joining the brand new board of a startup organization called Hopeprint, and become a faithful volunteer week-in and week-out. (Bart’s house is still for sale. Let us know if you want to buy it.)


Dave Allard, Treasurer of the Board (not pictured)

Dave’s initial involvement on the Northside began when he and his family picked up the name of a Bhutanese Nepali family to sponsor for the holidays. After befriending a young man in the family, taking him out to experience the outdoors and more, inviting the family over for Easter and more, Dave was fascinated with the potential that exists in this community. With many years in the financial field in various not-for-profit organizations, Dave brings a thorough knowledge of the financial makeup required to help an organization succeed and is a great asset to our board.

Brian Howe, Board Member & Liaison to the Donor Relations Committee 

Brian Howe

Brian Howe is the newest member of the Hopeprint Board, but has been an active part of the team in a variety of ways for much longer than his tenure on the board. Most recently, Brian acted as the event coordinator of Hopeprint’s annual Gala and continued in that vein of helping fund-raise towards our vision by joining the Donor Relations  Committee.

Brian and his wife Libby have two children and live in the eastern suburbs of Syracuse, and actively look for opportunities to connect personally, as well as with their neighborhood and social circles, in giving their lives away through social justice. Brian’s involvement with other justice-oriented organizations, as well as his imagination and vision make him an excellent member of the guiding board of Hopeprint.


Hopeprint Home Residents

Ann Sherwood

Stephanie Fox

Liz Ferree

Nicole Watts

Sarah Evans

Nannie Kirkpatrick

Heidi & Sean Haley

Matt Sherwood

Brad Kimble

Emma Voigt

Agnes Aombe








Additional Hopeprint Leaders

Executive Assistant: Bethany Smith

Field Director: Liz Ferree

Hopeprint Home Site Leader (Tuesdays): Nicole Watts/Liz Ferree

Assisi Center Site Leader: Carissa Matthews

Interim Tuesday Evening Meal Coordinator: Sue Plemons

Children (ages 0-7): Various Teams coordinated by Nicole Watts

Girl Scouts (ages 8-12): Chris Reynolds

Boys Mentoring: Rossy, Todd Stady & Glen Ritchie

Youth Programming: Stephanie Fox and John Whiteway

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There are many others who serve as part of our volunteer team that are not listed here as well — we are so thankful for each every one of our volunteers and for their investment in this community!

Additional Key Community Partners